Black Dirt Live Again – Blue (Sticker)


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Are you a Deadhead? If so, you’ll love our “Black Dirt Live Again” sticker! This sticker pays homage to the Grateful Dead’s Weather Report Suite and the beautiful lyrics that capture the essence of springtime and new growth.

The Grateful Dead has always been more than just a band, it’s a community of people who share a love for music, nature, and freedom. “Black Dirt Live Again” is a line from the Weather Report Suite, and it speaks to the beauty and power of nature. This sticker is the perfect way to show your love for the Dead and the natural world at the same time.

The black dirt in the lyrics represents the rich soil that is essential for plant growth, and it reminds us that we must take care of the earth if we want it to take care of us. The silver beads in the lyrics represent the beauty of life and how it flows into the sea. The earth takes in the water, and it is up to us to let it grow.

This “Black Dirt Live Again” sticker is made from high-quality vinyl with 3M glue, so it’s perfect for indoor use. It measures approximately 3″ x 3″, with a white or transparent border that will look great on any surface.

As a Deadhead, you understand the power of music to bring people together, and this sticker is a great way to connect with others who share your love for the Dead and the natural world. Slap this sticker on your Subaru, laptop, Nalgene, or anywhere you want to show your appreciation for the Grateful Dead and their beautiful lyrics.

In the words of the Dead, “Broken ground, open and beckoning to the spring; black dirt live again!” Let this sticker be a reminder that we are all connected to the earth and to each other, and that we must do our part to protect and nurture this beautiful planet. Get your “Black Dirt Live Again” sticker today and join the community of Deadheads who are working to make the world a better place.


.: Material: 100% vinyl with 3M glue
.: Approximately 3″ x 3″
.: White or transparent border
.: For indoor use (not waterproof)

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