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Are you a polycropper, passionate about growing a diverse and ecologically sound garden? If so, we have the perfect sticker for you! Our minimalist “polycropper” sticker features a variety of plants sprouting from the word itself, symbolizing the importance of ecological diversity and integration.

No monocropping here, we grow diverse polycrop ecosystems that holistically integrate to create a natural harmonious and balanced cyclical system. If you’re into polycropping, nitrogen fixation, crop rotation, and hyper-diverse crops, this is just for you.

As a polycropper, you know that monocropping is not the way to go. Instead, you embrace the power of diverse polycrop ecosystems, where a variety of plants work together to create a natural, harmonious, and balanced system. From nitrogen fixation to crop rotation, you understand the importance of maintaining a hyper-diverse crop that supports both the environment and the community.

Our polycropper sticker is made of 100% vinyl and features 3M glue, making it a durable and long-lasting addition to your gardening gear. It measures approximately 3″ x 3″ and comes with a white or transparent border, depending on your preference. Please note that this sticker is for indoor use only and is not waterproof.

Whether you’re a seasoned polycropper or just starting, this sticker is the perfect way to show off your love for sustainable gardening practices. The minimalist design and the simplicity of the word “polycropper” make it an understated yet powerful statement that reflects your values and passion.

So why wait? Add our polycropper sticker to your collection today and show the world that you’re part of a community that values diversity, sustainability, and ecological balance. Let’s grow a better world together, one diverse ecosystem at a time!


.: Material: 100% vinyl with 3M glue
.: Approximately 3″ x 3″
.: White or transparent border
.: For indoor use (not waterproof)

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